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Blog archives (May 2013)

Reasons for a theme

In the May issue of the Philosateleian Post Horn, I asked, “What topical collections do you have? And what are your reasons for collecting those themes?”

Longtime reader Marion R. quickly responded with her thoughts:

My interests range from animal rights to mental health on stamps, cinderellas, slogan postmarks, and covers. The topics I collect relate both to my profession as a licensed psychologist as well as to my work as an animal rights activist.

Other topics I collect are naval covers from ships my father-in-law served on, Titanic, tall ships, holidays, local post covers, New Jersey, dogs, cats, parrots (I live with a large flock of birds), and more.

Topical or thematic collecting is a great way to bring together non-philatelic interests with philately.

I certainly agree with that statement. As I mentioned in the Post Horn, I collect landscape stamps because I enjoy seeing different natural sites from around the world that I don’t necessarily have the opportunity to visit in person.

How about you? What drives you to collect a particular topic or themes?

APS gets chance to raise extra cash

According to an e-mail message distributed by the American Culinary Federation this morning, the philatelic organization has a chance to raise some extra cash today and tomorrow.

The Centre Foundation, which provides assistance to charities in the county in which the APS headquarters is located, is offering to match donations made by 6 p.m. ET on Thursday.

To qualify for matching funds, donations must be at least $25. If you are interested in giving, see the Centre Foundation’s APS donation page.