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Blog archives (May 2010)

Thanks for the cash

Special thanks to reader James P. for his recent contribution to keep Philosateleia running. James joins several other supporters who have provided financial assistance to help cover Web hosting fees and the like.

Newspapers, periodicals, and postal notes

There’s exciting news for fans of The Philosateleian U.S. Stamp Album. The Philosateleian now contains pages for newspapers & periodicals stamps and postal note stamps.

You can download the new pages individually or as the Special 2010 Supplement (292 KB, 7 files, 16 pages).

You may notice the pages for newspapers & periodicals don’t include spaces for every single stamp that exists in that category. I intentionally omitted spaces for extraordinarily pricey varieties, just as I’ve done with the regular issue pages.

What back of book categories would you like me to tackle next?