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Philosateleian Post stamps

Philosateleian Post has issued more than 40 commemorative stamps since its establishment in 2004.

Collectors may request copies of current issues at no charge.

New South Greenland stamp
New South Greenland
Western Cattle Not in Storm stamp
Western Cattle Not in Storm
New Post Office stamp
New Post Office
LPCS Golden Jubilee stamp
LPCS Golden Jubilee
Tenaya Lake stamp
Tenaya Lake
1-stamp Philosateleian Post stamp picturing whooping crane
Whooping Crane
International Year of Fruits and Vegetables stamp
Fruits & Vegetables
1-stamp Philosateleian Post stamp picturing Sarah and Kevin
10th Wedding Anniversary
1-stamp Philosateleian Post stamp picturing American flamingo
American Flamingo
1-stamp Philosateleian Post stamp picturing yellow flower against background of brown flowers
World War II
Anna Blackston stamp
Anna Blackston
Grand Canyon National Park stamp
Grand Canyon National Park
Moon Landing stamp
Moon Landing
Contemporary Art stamp
Contemporary Art
World War I stamp
World War I
Model Railroading stamp
Model Railroading
Gulf Fritillary stamp
Gulf Fritillary
James Herriot stamp
James Herriot
National Park Service stamp
National Park Service
Stamp Album stamp
Stamp Album
Red-shouldered Hawk stamp
Red- shouldered Hawk
Penny Black stamp
Penny Black
H.R.H. Princess Hadassah stamp
Princess Hadassah
Yosemite Grant stamp
Yosemite Grant
10th Anniversary stamp
10th Anniversary
Jekyll Island, Georgia, stamp
Jekyll Island, Ga.
American Indian stamp
American Indian
John Kennedy stamp
John Kennedy
Ruby Falls, Tennessee, stamp
Ruby Falls, Tenn.
Ducks stamp
Aunt Donna stamp
Aunt Donna
Sarah & Kevin's Wedding
Sarah & Kevin’s Wedding
Guadalupe River, Texas, stamp
Guadalupe River, Tex.
Airmail Centennial stamp
Airmail Centennial
Carters Lake, Georgia, stamp
Carters Lake, Ga.
Deer stamp
Sunflower stamp
Macaw stamp
Intracoastal Waterway, Georgia, stamp
Intracoastal Waterway, Ga.
Jekyll Island, Georgia, stamp
Jekyll Island, Ga.
Root Beer Barrel stamp
Root Beer Barrel
Shakalaka stamp
Dulceren stamp
Wild Psalm Bird stamp
Wild Psalm Bird
Flag of Philosateleia stamp
Flag of Philosateleia

In addition to the pictured stamps, Philosateleian Post has also issued a single label.

Return to sender label
Return to Sender

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