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PO Box 17544
San Antonio TX 78217-0544
United States of America

Philosateleian Post Launches Revamped Website

—Philosateleian Post may be best known for its colorful commemorative stamps, but the Florida-based local post is launching a revamped website to make it easier to find information about the services it provides.

“Many local post stamp collectors already know about Philosateleian Post,” says Kevin Blackston, proprietor, “but they may not be familiar with everything the Post offers. Hopefully this revised website will help change that.”

The updated website located at now has a new “Services” section with information about specific services local post aficionados can request, along with a news and press releases section for the media. All Philosateleian Post stamp issues are also pictured, with plans to post technical specifications and other information about each stamp in the near future.

About Philosateleian Post

Founded in 2004, Philosateleian Post transports mail only from the Philosateleian Embassy to the nearest mail receptacle or post office. This private local post exists solely for the enjoyment of its proprietor and does not compete with any official mail service. For more information, please visit

Published 2018-06-17