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Philosateleian Post Commemorating 100th Anniversary of Airmail

—In September 1911, the first regularly scheduled airmail service began in London. Later this month, Philosateleian Post, a private local post operating in Jacksonville, Florida, will commemorate that historic event with a special commemorative stamp.

Airmail Centennial stamp
Airmail Centennial

The Airmail Centennial stamp, which has a red, white, and blue background inspired by airmail labels used in the 20th century, features a biplane made of LEGO bricks. Philosateleian Post’s proprietor, Kevin Blackston, and his wife Sarah designed and built the model.

“Airmail makes it possible and affordable to send a letter to the other side of the world in less than a week,” says Blackston. “I am excited to be able to honor a service that has helped so many individuals keep in touch with family and friends in faraway lands.”

The stamp’s scheduled issue date is January 31, which is World Local Post Day, held each January on the final Monday of the month. The Local Post Collectors Society, of which Philosateleian Post’s proprietor is a member, selected the 100th anniversary of airmail as the theme for World Local Post Day 2011.

Technical Specifications

Format: sheets of 42 (6×7). Design size: 36×21 mm. Separation method: roulette 5½ (approx.). Adhesive: none; applied at time of use. Printing method: inkjet.

Philatelic Services

For a complimentary mint single of the Airmail Centennial stamp, or to receive first day cover service, send a SASE and your request to:

Kevin Blackston
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About Philosateleian Post

Founded in 2004, Philosateleian Post transports mail only from the Philosateleian Embassy to the nearest mail receptacle or post office. This private local post exists solely for the enjoyment of its proprietor and does not compete with any official mail service. For more information, please visit

Published 2018-06-17