Kevin Blackston
PO Box 17544
San Antonio TX 78217-0544
United States of America

About Philosateleian Post

Philosateleian Post is a private local post in Jacksonville, Florida, United States of America. Operated solely for the enjoyment of the proprietor and other individuals interested in local posts, the Post carries mail to nearby USPS receptacles and post offices.

Established in 2004, Philosateleian Post was originally based in Georgia before operations were relocated to Florida late that year.

Philosateleian Post gives special attention to philatelic interests, and offers several services to stamp collectors.

About the Proprietor

Kevin Blackston is a longtime stamp collector and local post operator and the editor of Philosateleia. He is a member of the Local Post Collectors Society, the American Philatelic Society, and the Letter Writers Alliance.

Published 2018-06-17