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Diamond Rock


In the Caribbean, off of Martinique, an island known as Diamond Rock rises to a height of more than 600 feet above sea level.1 A submerged cave that runs beneath the island is a major attraction for experienced divers.

Today, the only inhabitants of Diamond Rock are a dozen or so bird species, but the island has a colorful history.2 In the early 1800s, the British fortified the site and christened it HMS Diamond Rock, making it a so-called “stone frigate.”3 From there, they harassed passing French vessels for over a year until the French set barrels of rum afloat in the sea; the casks washed up onto the rock, the British soldiers over imbibed, and the French captured the island.4

50-centime French postage stamp picturing Diamond Rock near Martinique
Diamond Rock



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Published 2018-06-18