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Como Park Post stamps feature punched-out designs

Minnesota’s Como Park Post last month issued a new 5¢ local post stamp featuring an interesting “punched-out” design. It’s a feature I’ve never previously seen on a local post stamp.

5¢ Como Park Post stamps with punched-out designs
Como Park Post 5¢ stamps with punched-out designs

Como Park Post operator Tom B. explains that each stamp is comprised of two layers of paper, and he did the punch-outs from the top layer prior to gluing the two layers together. While the bottom layer appears to be a consistent orange, Tom used several different colors and textures of paper for the top layer, and in my opinion, the lighter colors show off the punch-outs most clearly.

I’ve shared examples of Tom’s work here in the past, and his dedication to handcrafting each of his designs is impressive.

Published 2022-03-11


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